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Team Fortress 2 Recs

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As if it wasn't obvious from my recent LJ and twitter posts, I have fallen completely in love with Team Fortress 2, despite having never actually played the game. C'mon, a team of nine totally wacky and different men fighting another set of nine ridiculous dudes? Hahah, GOLD. Mostly I'm living off of their MINI-MOVIES and their two pages of TV Tropes, and the official blog. Plus, the guys at Valve are HILARIOUS. I mean, the "leaked" video of Meet the Spy was probably done on purpose. Look at the screenshot! "Leaked Video," eh? (Also, "is a woman!" "is a man!" and... the winner, "NEEDS A ROOMATE." I swear, they KNOW how slashy they are being. Teasers.) Oh, and I believe Pyro is a man. He can't be the only woman out there, and the purse just solidifies the rumor that he's "flaming". (I AM SORRY, I LIKE THAT PUN.) Well, we'll probably never know. I don't think Valve even knows. (I'm lying, they know everything)

Convieniently, I happen to ship the two most popular pairings. I don't know whether to be ashamed or gleeful. I mean, even people who don't normally slash are slashing. Personally, ifbuttfacemakanidoodles a Medic/Heavy "what-are-your-thoughts-on-yaoi" mini-comic, I'm inclined to go ga-ga over it in a flash. Then again, everyone ships Medic/Heavy. THEY WERE MADE FOR EACH OTHER.

And there's Sniper/Spy, which I've sort of eyed approvingly ever since I sawzerostop's hawt-yet-clean drawing, which is all sorts of ngh-yessss. I didn't even know about TF2 then, but ever since the Sniper vs. Spy Update, I'm like... OOOOHH MAN.

So, like any other newbie fanwit, I searched around for fanfic and surpringingly found a decent amount, though I wandered into FF.net territory and, while not horrible, found out that I'm a little squicky about angsty and SRS!fic, unless written extremely well and/or slow-building. One of my pet peeves is socially-retarded!Spy. He's suave, handsome, and a dastardly French bastard, not a weepy bottom for Sniper/Engineer/Pyro/or-what-have-you to cuddle and hold him while he baws his mask off. I mean, LOOK AT HIS CRAB DANCE. Nothing about it says that he's socially inept. Really. I mean it. He... he's a partier. :| (Ironically, I don't like it when Spy is a SUPER SEME TOPPER. Especially when it comes to Sniper. IDK, I like them being real chill with each other.)

Still, it doesn't compare to the massive uke!Scout that goes around. What's up with that? Sure, he's small, hotheaded, young, and basically jailbait, lol... I guess that's the kicker about the TF2 fandom, lots of the character personalities/history are up for interpretation. I personally like reading about intra-team relationships, unless it's RED!Spy/BLU!Spy. ... Hee? D:

Um, recs!

kid!Medic: I-I-I... I love this. PEDO, MUCH? The artist also has more kid!TF2 characters, so check them out. They are all KINDS of ADORABLE.
Spy doing what he does best: Which is dancing. And seducing. Also features Scout and Engie. It's a flash animation that will probably make you cry. Or laugh until something bleeds.
GROUP HUG: Sometimes TF2 fluff can squick me. Not this time.
The Announcer: The unseen Announcer. Until now. This design is totally ingrained in my head.
Viiiiiictoryyyyy!: More Announcer stuff. She's so scary, it's GREAT.
Sniper Lemonade: Only not. JARATE, OH GAWD. ;___;


Character: Scout-centric
Blurb: Scout, being one of my favorites, is a character I get really picky about reading. This writer, however, has him DOWN PAT. I love Scout's voice in this one and I can't tell you how much squeeing was done while reading this. He has just the right amount of total jerky-badassery with a sprinkle of adorable. I mean, no wonder the chicks dig him. Baby chickens, I mean. :P Oh, and there's a moment of Heavy being totally Heavy, caps and all. Normally, I don't really like dialogue in all caps, even when shouting, but I make an exception for him. Oh, god. But the actual story is just hilarious, definitely one of my faves.

Scout manages to brush the peep-peeps off his chest - carefully, you don't want to hurt the little things - and then looks around nervously to make sure nobody saw him being nice to the things, because come the fuck on that'd just ruin his image. Scout being nice? For serious. Come the fuck on, man.

Title: In the Morning
Pairing: Spy/Sniper
Blurb: Most of the time, srs!fic makes me wrinkle my nose since TF2 is such a wacky canon, but this had me tearing up. Hint--READ IT TWICE.

Spy could always simply disappear into his own room when he doesn’t feel like entertaining celebrations, but Heavy has become particularly adept at breaking open his door to get him to join in the “fun,” and Spy doesn’t feel like spending another week or so with broken hinges, so usually he just climbs into Sniper’s nest and relishes in what little time they have to spend together as the sounds of the party drift up from below.

Title: Breakfast
Pairings: None, strictly gen.
Blurb: The team talks about food over breakfast. Slice of life, and it's done very well. I enjoy reading about little things about the boys when they aren't trying to kill each other.

“Aye,” the Demo interjected. “Ah used tae make a guid piece ay haggis wi' some neeps an' tatties oan th' side thaur. Wi' a dram ay mah favorite bevvy...my, 'at is a guid scran, laddies.” The rest of the team simply stared at Demo, completely taken aback that they had such a horrible understanding of Scottish vernacular. They all then agreed politely in unison. Demo laughed to himself between swigs of his scrumpy.

And yeah. There's a good amount of fic, but I'm really picky about how they are written, (yet I am totally cool with any pairing, if there is any). So, if anyone has a rec, bring it here. I need my TF2 fix, plzkthx. D: D: D:
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